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Article: The Drinks Tray!

The Drinks Tray!
Drinks tray

The Drinks Tray!

The party season is nearly upon us; Is your drinks tray ready?!

I caught up with David Wallace, Co-Founder of Abercombies Interior Design to discuss the perfect drinks tray set up

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David, the at 'home bar' has made a come back in recent years and especially through the pandemic. Stylists seem to be loving it, what are your thoughts?

Did the home bar ever go away? I agree, there's definitely a renewed interest, particularly amongst the younger generation, not only in the home bar but in things like chintz, patterned wallpaper, intense colour and taper candles, the very things their own parents rejected

The drinks tray has been very popular in the US for sometime, do you prefer it to a drinks trolley or drinks cabinet?

I much prefer a tray to a trolley, or cart. A tray is far more versatile, and portable, and can be set up in the garden in no time when the weather is too good to remain indoors. (In fact, why not offer folding legs for your trays - a contemporary and colourful version of the original butlers tray?)

That's a great idea, I will indeed look in to that!

Rita Konig say's "there are several aspects to your drinks tray; first of all there is the permanent collection, so the tray, the glasses, cocktail shakers etc. Then there are the semi permanent; the condiments, alcohol and mixers and then the fleeting - ice, lemon and nuts"

What do you include on your drinks tray?

I have a very elegant Danish mid-century rosewood drinks cabinet, which I bought in 1999, well in advance of the current vogue for mid century furniture. It accommodates a variety of spirits and mixers, an increasingly equal split between alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks; a miscellany of glasses - vintage engraved champagne coupes, heavy cut crystal glasses and simple Ravenshead tumblers; and all associated paraphernalia, including hand-blown Murano glass straws!

How do you style it for ever day use?

A very minimal contemporary Danish tray, which is increasingly stocked with non alcoholic drinks, comes into play when I have guests. There's always lemons and limes, ginger and mint; Tanqueray no.10 and 0.0% Vermouth, Leitz alcohol free Rosé, and a beautiful vintage Daum decanter filled with whiskey. There's now an array of new, delicious soft drinks - lemon and hibiscus tonic is a favourite - so there's always something to offer whoever may be the designated driver.

Ice in a Danish ice bucket and a bowl of Nigella's spiced nuts complete the offering. Everything is returned to the cabinet when the party's over!

Finally what's your drink of choice?

My drink of choice is an uncomplicated, unadulterated gin and tonic, with ice and lemon. A favourite cocktail is white port with tonic, a sprig of mint, ice and lemon - more a long drink than a cocktail but very welcome throughout summer - likewise rum and ginger, mint, lime and ice. I leave the making of cocktails to the experts!

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