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Add a striking crystal jug to your table, they add a statement to any room.

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Hobnail Jug | Light GreenHobnail Jug | Light Green
Hobnail Jug | Light Green Sale price£100.00
Sold outHobnail glass jug | Light blue | osskiHobnail glass jug | Light blue | osski
Hobnail Jug | Light Blue Sale price£100.00
Hobnail Jug | PinkHobnail Jug | Pink
Hobnail Jug | Pink Sale price£100.00
Underlay dark green hobnail glass jugUnderlay dark green hobnail glass jug
Crystal hobnail jug | lilac | osskiCrystal hobnail jug | lilac | osski
Hobnail Jug | Lilac Sale price£100.00
Underlay smoke blue hobnail jugSmoke Underlay blue hobnail jug and tumblers
Underlay red hobnail jugHobnail Jug | Underlay Garnet
Sold outCrystal hobnail jug | clear with gold handleCrystal hobnail jug | clear with gold handle
Hobnail Jug | Crystal ClearHobnail Jug | Crystal Clear
Hobnail Jug | Crystal Clear Sale price£100.00
Yellow hobnail glass jugYellow glass hobnail jug
Hobnail Jug | Yellow Sale price£100.00
Marika Crystal Jug | Light BlueMarika Crystal Jug | Light Blue
 Crystal jug | light green | osskiMarika crystal Jug | Light Green
Pink wave  marika glass jugMarika Jug | Pink
Marika Jug | Pink Sale price£100.00
Crystal jug | Lilac | osskiMarika Jug | Lilac
Marika Jug | Lilac Sale price£100.00
Sold outSmall hobnail light blue jugSmall light blue hobnail jug
Small underlay dark green hobnail jugSmall underlay dark green jug
Small pink hobnail jugSmall pink hobnail jug
Small Hobnail Jug | Pink Sale price£89.00
Small Light Green Hobnail Jug | Light Green