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A timeless collection of coloured glassware; crystal jugs, tumblers and vases handmade in the mecca of glassmaking, Czechoslovakia. These make lovely milestone gifts and decorative pieces for the home. 

The vintage inspired glassware for stylish drinking by The Vintage List, is practical yet stylish.

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Hobnail Jug | Light GreenHobnail Jug | Light Green
Hobnail Jug | Light Green Sale price£100.00
Hobnail Jug | PinkHobnail Jug | Pink
Hobnail Jug | Pink Sale price£100.00
Sold outStar champagne coupeCrystal Champagne saucers | Star design | OSSKI
Sold outHobnail glass tumblers | Light green | osski
Hobnail crystal vase | light blue | osskiHobnail crystal vase | light blue | osski
Hobnail glass jug | Light blue | osskiHobnail glass jug | Light blue | osski
Hobnail Jug | Light Blue Sale price£100.00
Hobnail Round Vase | Light Green
Hobnail Vase | Beryl greenHobnail vases
Pink hobnail vasePink hobnail vase
Hobnail Round Vase | Pink Sale price£75.00
Sold outUnderlay azure hobnail vaseUnderlay azure hobnail vase with smoke and pink
Underlay dark green hobnail glass jugUnderlay dark green hobnail glass jug
Marika Crystal Jug | Light BlueMarika Crystal Jug | Light Blue
Marika Crystal Tumblers | Set of 6 | Light BlueMarika Crystal Tumblers | Set of 6 | Light Blue
Sold outPink hobnail glaseses
Sold outCrystal hobnail jug | clear with gold handleCrystal hobnail jug | clear with gold handle
Oval design wine glassCrystal Wine glasses| Ovals design | OSSKI
Star design wine glassCrystal Wine glasses| Stars design | OSSKI
Crystal hobnail jug | lilac | osskiCrystal hobnail jug | lilac | osski
Hobnail Jug | Lilac Sale price£100.00
Hobnail small bowl | light blue | osski
Small crystal hobnail bowl | light green | osski
Small pink hobnail bowlSmall pink hobnail bowl on a green and white striped table cloth
Small Hobnail Bowl | Pink Sale price£29.00
Crystal hobnail small bowl | clearCrystal clear hobnail bowl
Underlay red hobnail jugHobnail Jug | Underlay Garnet
Bands design champagne coupeCrystal Champagne saucers | Bands design | OSSKI
Marika Tumblers | Set of 6 | PinkMarika Tumblers | Set of 6 | Pink
Pink wave  marika glass jugMarika Jug | Pink
Marika Jug | Pink Sale price£100.00
Small hobnail light blue jugSmall light blue hobnail jug
Yellow hobnail glass jugYellow glass hobnail jug
Hobnail Jug | Yellow Sale price£100.00
A Set of Six Champagne Saucers | Ovals DesignCrystal Champagne saucers | Ovals design | OSSKI
Crystal hobnail vase | lilac | osskiHobnail Round Vase | Lilac
Hobnail Round Vase | Lilac Sale price£75.00
Underlay aquamarine hobnail vaseUnderlay aquamarine hobnail vase
Crystal tumblers | light green | osskiColoured swirl crystal tumblers | osski
Crystal tumblers | lilac swirl | osskiColoured Crystal tumblers | swirl | osski
Underlay smoke blue hobnail jugSmoke Underlay blue hobnail jug and tumblers
Star design tumblerCrystal tumblers | Stars design | OSSKI
Hobnail crystal tumblers | light blue | osski
Small hobnail bowl | Azure blue
Hobnail vase | Smoke grey Hobnail vases
 Crystal jug | light green | osskiMarika crystal Jug | Light Green
Large Hobnail Vase | CrystalLarge Hobnail Vase | Crystal
Large Hobnail Vase | Crystal Sale price£180.00
Hobnail Jug | Crystal Clear
Hobnail Jug | Crystal Clear Sale price£100.00
Small underlay dark green hobnail jugSmall underlay dark green jug
Hobnail Tumblers | Set of 6 | Underlay Smoke BlueHobnail Tumblers | Set of 6 | Underlay Smoke Blue
Small pink hobnail jugSmall pink hobnail jug
Small Hobnail Jug | Pink Sale price£89.00
Small Light Green Hobnail Jug | Light Green
Hobnail Round Vase | AquamarineHobnail Round Vase | Aquamarine
Glass Tumblers | yellow Glass Tumblers | yellow
Bands wine designCrystal Wine glasses| bands design | OSSKI