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Joanna Ling bud vases


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Yellow pinch pot
Pinch pot | Yellow Sale priceFrom £18.50
Pink pinch pot
Pinch pot | Pink Sale priceFrom £18.50
Pink pinch pot
Pinch pot |Pale Pink Sale priceFrom £18.50
Pinch pot | Dark Pink
Pinch pot | Dark Pink Sale priceFrom £18.50
Green pinch pot
Pinch pot | Lime Green Sale priceFrom £18.50
Light green pinch pot
Pinch pot | Light Green Sale priceFrom £18.50
Turquoise pinch pot
Green blue pinch pot
Pinch pot | Green Blue Sale priceFrom £18.50
Duck Egg pinch pot
Pinch pot | Duck Egg Sale priceFrom £18.50
Light blue pinch pot
Pinch pot | Light Blue Sale priceFrom £18.50
Butter Dish | Green & CreamButter Dish | Green & Cream
Butter Dish | Green & Cream Sale price£40.00
Small Shallow Bowl | Blueberry
Sold outSage bobbin salt and pepper grinder
Sold outChambray blue salt or pepper grinder
Sold outCappuccino bobbin salt or pepper grinder
Bobbin Grinder | Perewinkle | 24cm
Sold outPink bobbin salt or pepper grinder
Eau de nil salt or pepper grinder
Hobnail Jug | Crystal ClearHobnail Jug | Crystal Clear
Hobnail Jug | Crystal Clear Sale price£100.00
Small underlay dark green hobnail jugSmall underlay dark green jug
Sold outSmall hobnail light blue jugSmall light blue hobnail jug
Small pink hobnail jugSmall pink hobnail jug
Small Hobnail Jug | Pink Sale price£89.00
Underlay smoke blue hobnail jugSmoke Underlay blue hobnail jug and tumblers
Sold outTea Cup | Dash Pattern | AubergineTea Cup | Dash Pattern | Aubergine
Sold outNut Bowl | BlueberryNut Bowl | Blueberry
Nut Bowl | Blueberry Sale price£15.00
Nut Bowl | |LilacNut Bowl | |Lilac
Nut Bowl | |Lilac Sale price£15.00
Shellegance Plate | TinyShellegance Plate | Tiny
Shellegance Plate | Tiny Sale price£40.00
Shellegance Plate | Large | Pink & OrangeShellegance Plate | Large | Pink & Orange
Shellegance Plate | Small | BlueShellegance Plate | Small | Blue
Sold outSmall Shallow Bowl | Burnt OrangeSmall Shallow Bowl | Burnt Orange
Sold outHot Pottery Nut bowl in cranberryNut Bowl | Cranberry
Nut Bowl | Cranberry Sale price£15.00
Sold outNut Bowl in pistachio greenNut Bowl | Pistachio
Nut Bowl | Pistachio Sale price£15.00
Hot Pottery jug in pistachioHot Pottery jug in pistachio
Jug | Pistachio Sale price£55.00
Hot pottery jug in lilacJug | Lilac
Jug | Lilac Sale price£55.00
Hot Pottery jug in cranberryJug | Cranberry
Jug | Cranberry Sale price£55.00
Hot Pottery jug in blueberryJug | Blueberry
Jug | Blueberry Sale price£55.00
Hot Pottery Small shallow bowl in cranberrySmall Shallow Bowl | Cranberry
Sold outHot Pottery Small shallow bowl in pistachioSmall Shallow Bowl | Pistachio
Hot Pottery nut bowl in burnt orangeNut Bowl | Burnt Orange
Nut Bowl | Burnt Orange Sale price£15.00
Hobnail small bowl | light blue | osski
Dinner Fork | Garden GreenDinner Fork | Garden Green
Dinner Fork | Garden Green Sale price£12.60
Garden green Sabre Icone Dessert knifeGarden Green Sabre Icone cutlery set
Sabre Icone dessert or starter knife
Sabre Icone white dessert or starter knife
Sabre Icone lapis blue dessert or starter knife
Sold outSmall crystal hobnail bowl | light green | osski
Small pink hobnail bowlSmall pink hobnail bowl on a green and white striped table cloth
Small Hobnail Bowl | Pink Sale price£29.00
Sold outCrystal hobnail small bowl | clearCrystal clear hobnail bowl