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Glass Mugs

Designed by Marie Graff and mouth-blown at their workshop in the Czech Republic. Each Flow Mug is mouth-blown in clear triple-layered glass, with a unique pattern of stripes and a hand-formed handle. Each cup is created with a focus on craftsmanship and the individual glassblower's personal touch on the design. Therefore, there is variation in each mug and handle. 

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White glass mugGlass Mug | Coconut White
Glass Mug | Coconut White Sale price£37.50
Pink glass mugGlass Mug | Blush Pink
Glass Mug | Blush Pink Sale price£37.50
green glass mugGlass Mug | Matcha Green
Glass Mug | Matcha Green Sale price£37.50
Blue glass mugGlass Mug | Ocean Blue
Glass Mug | Ocean Blue Sale price£37.50