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Trays, Boxes & Frames

Trays, Boxes & Frames

Beautiful lacquered trays, croc display boxes, and a small selection of photo framesa stunning addition to any interior

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Sold outSmall Round Scalloped Tray | White
Large blue shargreen display boxan open large shargreen display box
Small round scalloped tray in cappuccino
Sold outSmall Round Scalloped Tray | Chambray Blue
Sold outRound scalloped tray in pale denim blue
Round scalloped tray in sage green
Photo Frame | Turquoise Enamel & Gold
Sold outPhoto Frame | Coral Enamel & Silver
Photo Frame | Sage Green Enamel & Silver
Enamel photo frame | Periwinkle blue and silver | osski
Enamel photo frame | Duck egg
Enamel photo frame | Pink | addison rossEnamel photo frame | Pink | addison ross
Small eau de nil scalloped tray
Sold outSmall pale pink scalloped traySmall pale pink scalloped tray with Joanna Ling trinket dish and vase
Sold outSmall denim blue scalloped traySmall denim blue scalloped tray with Joanna ling bud vase and trinket dish
small Orange shargreen display boxSmall orange shargreen display box
Sold outSmall shargreen blue display boxSmall shargreen blue display box
Display box | Large orange | Addison RossDisplay box | Large orange | Addison Ross
Display box | Large pink Shargreen | Addison Ross Display box | Large pink Shargreen | Addison Ross
Display box | Shargreen | Addison RossDisplay box | Shargreen | Addison Ross
Small chiffon grey scalloped tray
Sold outSmall white scalloped traySmall white scalloped tray
Scalloped tray | medium turquoise | OsskiScalloped tray | medium turquoise | Osski
Medium Pink Laquered Scalloped Tray   Medium Pink Laquered Scalloped Tray   
Scalloped tray | medium yellow | OsskiScalloped tray | medium yellow | Osski
Medium Lacquered Scalloped Tray | Navy
Medium Lacquered Scalloped Tray |  Chiffon Grey
Scalloped tray | medium white | OsskiScalloped tray | medium white | Osski
Scalloped tray | Large turquoise | Addison Ross
Scalloped tray | Large pink | Addison RossScalloped tray | Large pink | Addison Ross
Scalloped tray | Navy | Addison RossScalloped tray | Navy | Addison Ross
Large scalloped tray | grey | addison rossScalloped Trays | Large, medium and small | Addison Ross
Scalloped tray | Large white | Addison RossScalloped tray | Large turquoise | Addison Ross