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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Let's celebrate all those special woman in our lives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends and mother figures and gift them something from our carefully curated gift guide.

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Taper Candle | 35cm | Dark Heather
Small Shallow Bowl | Blueberry
Photo Frame | Turquoise Enamel & Gold
Sold outPhoto Frame | Coral Enamel & Silver
Sold outNut Bowl | BlueberryNut Bowl | Blueberry
Nut Bowl | Blueberry Sale price£15.00
Nut Bowl | |LilacNut Bowl | |Lilac
Nut Bowl | |Lilac Sale price£15.00
Sold outQuail | Blue with turquoise spotsQuail | Blue with turquoise spots
Quail | Blue  with lilac spotsQuail | Blue  with lilac spots
Shellegance Plate | TinyShellegance Plate | Tiny
Shellegance Plate | Tiny Sale price£40.00
Shellegance Plate | Large | Pink & OrangeShellegance Plate | Large | Pink & Orange
Shellegance Plate | Small | BlueShellegance Plate | Small | Blue
Shellegance Candle Holder | Tiny | Pink & BlueShellegance Candle Holder | Tiny | Pink & Blue
Sold outShellegance Candle Holder | Medium | Green & BlueShellegance Candle Holder | Medium | Green & Blue
Sold outQuail | White with turquoise spotsQuail | White with turquoise spots
Tapered Candle | 35cm | Light Cherry
Hot Pottery Candle Holder in blueberryHot Pottery Candle Holder in blueberry
Candle Holder | Blueberry Sale price£22.50
Sold outSmall Shallow Bowl | Burnt OrangeSmall Shallow Bowl | Burnt Orange
Sold outHot Pottery Nut bowl in cranberryNut Bowl | Cranberry
Nut Bowl | Cranberry Sale price£15.00
Sold outNut Bowl in pistachio greenNut Bowl | Pistachio
Nut Bowl | Pistachio Sale price£15.00
Hot Pottery jug in pistachioHot Pottery jug in pistachio
Jug | Pistachio Sale price£55.00
Hot pottery jug in lilacJug | Lilac
Jug | Lilac Sale price£55.00
Hot Pottery jug in cranberryJug | Cranberry
Jug | Cranberry Sale price£55.00
Sold outHot Pottery candle holder in pistachio Candle Holder | Pistachio
Candle Holder | Pistachio Sale price£22.50
Candle Holder | LilacCandle Holder | Lilac
Candle Holder | Lilac Sale price£22.50
Hot Pottery Candle Holder in cranberryHot Pottery Candle Holder in cranberry
Candle Holder | Cranberry Sale price£22.50
Hot Pottery jug in blueberryJug | Blueberry
Jug | Blueberry Sale price£55.00
Hot Pottery Small shallow bowl in cranberrySmall Shallow Bowl | Cranberry
Sold outHot Pottery Small shallow bowl in pistachioSmall Shallow Bowl | Pistachio
Hot Pottery nut bowl in burnt orangeNut Bowl | Burnt Orange
Nut Bowl | Burnt Orange Sale price£15.00
Tapered candle | pale green | osski
Hobnail small bowl | light blue | osski
Photo Frame | Sage Green Enamel & Silver
Sold outSmall crystal hobnail bowl | light green | osski
Sold outCrystal hobnail small bowl | clearCrystal clear hobnail bowl
Small hobnail bowl | Azure blue
Small tea cup & saucer | Pink dash, Miranda Berrow | osskiMiranda Berrow pink dash tea set | osski
Milk jug | Coral with gold handle
Sold outHand painted candle | ivory with oranges and lemons | osskiHand painted candle | ivory with oranges and lemons | osski
Hand painted candles | Pink with flowersHand painted candles | Pink with flowers
 Espresso cup | navy dash | miranda berrow | osski
Sold outSugar bowl | Miranda Berrow | coralSugar bowl | Miranda Berrow
Lidded Sugar Bowl | Coral Sale price£65.00
Enamel photo frame | Periwinkle blue and silver | osski
Enamel photo frame | Duck egg
Enamel photo frame | Pink | addison rossEnamel photo frame | Pink | addison ross
Small eau de nil scalloped tray
Sold outSmall pale pink scalloped traySmall pale pink scalloped tray with Joanna Ling trinket dish and vase
Sold outSmall denim blue scalloped traySmall denim blue scalloped tray with Joanna ling bud vase and trinket dish
Hobnail crystal vase | light blue | osskiHobnail crystal vase | light blue | osski